The goal at Chiro-Covery is to help every patient leave feeling better than before they walked in. Once you have progressed to pain-free movement Dr. Farah can help guide you on the path of long-term wellness. How? Through monthly Chiropractic wellness visits, personal training, a proper training program & nutrition coaching.

Gone will be the days of endlessly roaming around the gym thinking about which exercises to perform, or following someone else’s program and hoping to see the same results.
Dr. Farah provides personalized programming custom to your goals, availability/time, and gym/equipment access. Personalized programming is a remote service that delivers your workouts via TrueCoach. Workouts can be accessed straight from your phone with each exercise having a demonstration video and detailed description attached to prevent any confusion. TrueCoach software also allows the athlete to chat with Dr. Farah directly & attach videos for feedback. 

Live in the area & want to work with Dr. Farah one-on-one? Personal training is also an option!

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