What is Chiro-Covery?

Chiro-covery is a Chiropractic clinic, owned and operated by Dr. Farah, that delivers personalized care based on each individual’s needs. Chiro-covery was founded on a special love for fitness & wellness. Dr. Farah’s objective is to aid in building revolutionary athletes and individuals, while promoting the healthy lifestyle it takes to achieve that level of success. 

Unlike traditional chiropractic clinics, Dr. Farah doesn’t make you come back multiple times a week for months on end, wasting both your time and money. She quickly identifies the underlying issue, provides hands-on treatment, and educates you on how YOU can be an active participant in your recovery process. Most patients start noticing positive changes after one visit, however, healing time ultimately depends on how active & consistent you are with your participation.

A typical session is ~45 min long and includes an assessment, soft tissue work, chiropractic adjustment/manipulation (if permissible) and rehabilitative exercise. Sessions are geared towards restoring the body’s natural tone, alignment [structure] and mobility [function] to achieve overall wellness. Lack of pain does not necessarily mean that your body is in optimal condition, there may be underlying issues present that have not yet manifested themselves as pain. Dr. Farah can help with finding those issues & preventing pain down the road.

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.”

J. Standford
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